Expression Engine vs MODx

In our opinion 2 of the best content management systems currently on the market are Expression Engine and MODx. A common question from our clients is “Which CMS would most suit our project?”. Now there is no easy way to answer this question without knowing the specific requirements for the project in mind. However, we can tell you the most common reasons for using either CMS in a given situation.

MODx Revolution

Until around 18 months ago MODx was our go-to CMS for 9 out of 10 projects that required a CMS. It copes easily with a run-of-the-mill website requiring editable pages and data - dealing with general pages, news articles/archives, galleries and member restricted areas with ease. However, where MODx CMS can become a little out of it’s depth is with requirements such as an events management, forum, eCommerce or a more complex member registration section. There are some really good extras with MODx, however as the developers do not sell them on there doesn’t seem to be that many available for every need.

Expression Engine

Now this CMS really comes into it’s own when the project requirements are a little more complex. Need a forum integrated with your site? You need an eCommerce area to sell some products? You want to allow users to register for a secure downloads section via email self-activation? EE CMS can do all of those and much much more. One of the main reasons for the more complex modules is that EE is a license based CMS, whereas MODx is completely open source (free).

So given that EE is license based (requiring a new $299 license per installation) there is a great following in their add-ons department. The add-ons are created by other EE developers all over the world where they can sell their creations to the masses making money from each sale through EE. This means that the support and community for EE CMS is far greater than MODx allowing for many many add-ons for any given eventuality.

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