Now providing WordPress services

Hoorah I hear you cry, I will now provide WordPress development services for all of my clients!

In all honesty, I have previously avoided WordPress for 2 main reasons…

One - I not a big fan of the user experience as it always felt like you had to hack away to make it fit a standard site build, where blogging isn't the main priority. Obviously, for a blogging site alone, this platform really does have the process down.

Two - due to it's own success and popularity, WordPress is targeted by hackers all over the world. It's hardly suprising given it has 30% of the website market cornered and 60% of all CMS driven sites run it! So when you let those stats sink in, it isn't a surprise that WordPress sites are more vulnerable when compared to say a MODx or ExpressionEngine driven website.

So why the change of mind…

It's partly due to turning away work from prospective and existing clients from time to time, plus it's a case of reviewing what's the best service offering I can provide given what's available for a full time freelance developer. I need to adapt to what's happening around me, so I have spent some time digging further into the issues I had with WordPress as a platform and making sure they don't get in the way of working with it in the future.

For any WordPress builds I would always ensure security is one of the first aspects we cover when setting up the CMS ready for launch, luckily there are many security related plugins these days to combat this issue.

So going forward I will now be offering WordPress as an option when building sites for my clients, as well as MODx and ExpressionEngine. Craft CMS is also on my list to review/learn the ropes, as soon as time allows, given it's rave reviews from all who use it.

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